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5 Tips For Holiday Travelers

Posted on November 15, 2013 by

Holiday travel is projected to be the highest its been in recent years with 25 million travelers estimated for this year’s Thanksgiving!

BGR has seen the start of the holiday travel season this week and would like to share some helpful hints for a those traveling in the upcoming weeks!

1. Allow an extra 30 minutes-This is on top on the normal 1-2 hours. Do some research-See when your flight is scheduled to leave. If there are other flights scheduled around the same time, allow for extra time for security screening.

2. Check-in online or on your airline’s app and print off boarding passes before arriving to the airport if you can.

3. Remember TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule. Passengers with carry-on luggage are allowed 1-quart size bag per every 1-traveler and liquids, gels, and pastes are less than 3-ounces. Store the bag in the front of your carry-on for easy removal during screening.

4. Wrap gifts after traveling. There is nothing worse than spending time perfectly wrapping Grammy’s gift just to have it get unwrapped during security screening.

5. Have your photo ID ready when you go through screening. The ID you use must be current (not expired), match the name on your boarding pass, and list your date of birth. Valid forms of ID include State IDs, Driver’s Licences, Military IDs, and Passports.

We wish everyone traveling this holiday season safe and happy travels! If you have any other travel questions that were not answered in this post, email us at