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1st Floor Renovation Project About to Begin

Posted on February 21, 2014 by

Starting Monday, February 24th, construction will begin on a $10 million renovation project for the first floor of the Domestic Terminal at BGR. Construction will take place in four phases, as to limit disruptions to passengers traveling to and from BGR. At no point will there be a disruption to air service due to the construction.

Starting Monday, Phase I begins. The focus of the phase is to update the escalators. These updates will make the escalators safer and more energy efficient.

One escalator will be shut down at a time for upgrades, with one escalator remaining for passenger use. During this phase, passengers needing additional assistance traveling between floors should use the elevator. The elevator located next to the Delta ticket counter on the 1st floor and the Coffee Shop located on the 2nd floor. There are also stairs next to the escalators for passengers to use.

Phase II, is scheduled to start this summer, while Phase I is still in progress. Below is more information about the construction and upgrades coming to BGR. Construction Infographic

BGR’s Shuttle Lot Scheduled to Open for 2014 Peak Travel Season

Posted on February 4, 2014 by

For the second year, BGR will be utilizing an overflow parking lot to help accommodate the increase in passenger traffic during the peak travel season of February-April.Shuttle Lot Bus

The Shuttle Lot is scheduled to open February 12th, 2014. Notification of the lot’s official opening will be made on the BGR website, as well as on our social media sites: facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Signage indicating the lots opening, will be placed visibly for passengers traveling to the airport on Godfrey Blvd., Maine Ave., and Griffin Road, indicating where they should go to park. The Shuttle Lot will only be used if the Long Term Parking Lot at BGR is at full capacity.

The Shuttle Lot is located at the corner of Godfrey Blvd. and Maine Ave., with the entrance on the Maine Ave.

Vehicle drivers with multiple passengers traveling, are encouraged to drop them, as well as their luggage, off at the front doors of the terminal and then circle back to the Shuttle Lot. This will allow for maximum utilization of the Shuttle Lot Shuttle.

The Shuttle Lot Shuttle, makes trips ever 10-15 minutes to and from the Shuttle Lot and Terminal. Passengers can either wait in their vehicles or in the Shuttle Stop Shelter.

When passengers return, the shuttle will pick them up and bring them back to their vehicles. During off-peak travel times, passengers needing to access the Shuttle Lot will need to use a Courtesy Phone (located on the 1st floor) to alert the shuttle they need a ride. For more information about the Shuttle Lot please visit:

Shuttle Lot Map