Full Steam Ahead on Domestic Terminal Remodel

Posted on April 6, 2015 by

If you have been to BGR lately to catch a flight to a warmer place, you will have noticed that the space to the right of the escalator is very quiet since the ticket counters have all moved to the other end of terminal.

But behind that large white wall there has been a lot going on.


Sheridan Corporation has been full steam ahead first tearing out all of the old airline offices, and then starting to build out the new space for the new airline offices and the new baggage screening system.


Carpenter Associates, our clerk of the work, keeps everything moving forward and facilitates a weekly meeting with all of the “players”. ┬áIt is always exciting to see and hear about how much progress has been made and how fast the job is progressing.

This current phase is the longest phase of the project as it involves the most technical portion of the newly remodeled space with the new baggage screening system.

If all continues at its current pace and we don’t hit any snags, the airlines should be moved into their new space by mid-autumn. This means BGR passengers will be able to start experincing the new technology for checking in and having their bags screened. No more need to take your bag to a drop-off after it is tagged by your airline.

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