Holiday Travel 2015

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The holiday travel season is once again upon us. If you will be traveling by air here are a few tips gathered from a variety of sources that can make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Stay connected. Download your favorite travel apps such as Gate Guru and Flight Status to your smartphone before leaving home.

Print your boarding passes at home, use a check-in kiosk at the airport, or pull up your boarding pass on your smartphone.

Avoid checking a bag if possible, you will generally save money (depends on the airline), and time at the baggage conveyor and you will be prepared if you need to change plans in the middle of your trip due to weather, etc. If you do carry-on your luggage, pay particular attention to TSA’s rules about liquids and gels following the 3-1-1 guidelines at

Remember wrapped packages can cause security check-in delays. It is best to wrap at your destination or better yet ship the packages ahead.

Pack snacks for the trip and potential delays along the way. Once you get through security, you can buy water and other beverages to take on-board the aircraft. Keep yourself and your travel companions fueled up for the trip.

Pack plenty of books, games, and other entertainment for yourself and especially for any children traveling with you.

Be aware of alternative routes, flights and airports to reach your destination, that way you can help reroute yourself if needed.

Allow extra time everywhere – driving to the airport, check-in, and getting through security. Even if you are an expert traveler, during the holiday season there are many who only travel occasionally and they may need extra help getting through the airport and the process.

Take a deep breath and keep in mind the reason you are traveling in the first place.

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels.

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