10 Places to Visit – Choose One This Summer

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There are sought out travel destinations located around the world. Here at Bangor International Airports, we provide direct and connecting flights to all of the best summer vacation destinations! Below is a list of cities to add to your ‘summer travel’ list! Safe travels!

#1 New York City – Experience a blend of city-splendor and small-town charm in New York City. Filled with iconic landmarks, sleek shops, and gorgeous buildings, you’ll find a vibrant, welcoming culture around every corner. Explore endless opportunities to fill your time in this city with something new and exciting. This ever changing city is an amazing destination for summer travelers!

#2 Paris – The “City of Light” welcomes millions of visitors each year. Set aside time to admire the beautiful art collections, divine cuisine, stately museums, historic churches, and eye catching architecture. Enjoy the simple pleasures this city has to offer during the summer months!

#3 Amsterdam – With longer days and warmer temperatures, tourists are attracted to this one-of-a-kind city during the summer months. Known for being a romantic getaway spot for two, Amsterdam has long been a go-to site for couples. Be sure to stop and visit the many canals this city has to offer before heading home.

#4 Florence – This small city, tucked into the Tuscan hills, is known for its vibrant history. Visit this city during the summer to experience its unbeatable sunsets, Italian cooking, and an everlasting romantic charm.

#5 Barcelona –  A city filled with activities for all to take part in, Barcelona is known for its beaches, nightclubs, and historic prevalence. You’ll need at least a week to experience all that this vibrant city has to offer.

#6 Singapore – With a dip in tourism during the late summer months, visiting Singapore during July and August is ideal. Enjoy a perfect balance of greenery and skyscrapers in this unique city. Be sure to add Singapore to your list of cities to visit, if you’re interested in sightseeing in an immaculate and efficient city.

#7 Bali – Close your eyes and imagine a tropical paradise. What you’re seeing is a glimpse of Bali. Visit Bali to experience gorgeous oceanside resorts, luxurious spa retreats, delicious cuisine, and sunbathing. This travel destination is truly a dream come true!

#8 Hamburg – This bubbly, energetic city is defined by its cutting edge fashion, bustling nightlife, and top notch dining. Located in northern Germany, you’ll find that this city has much to offer in way of lake frontage and canals. Many are surprised at the offering this amazing city has!

#9 Buenos Aires – With a blend of European charm and South American flair, many visitors are drawn to this city. Set aside time to enjoy their world class soccer, colorful art-laden districts, neoclassical architecture, and avant-garde museums.

#10 Kauai – Known for its sunsets, beaches, and blue skies, Kauai welcomes millions of visitors each year. It is known for being much more rural than the other parts of Hawaii and has become very appealing to visitors looking for a laid back, hassle free vacation. Although a visit to this island can become quite pricey, we believe this is one place to add to your summer travel list!




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