Holiday Travel Tips

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Traveling to connect with family and friends for the holidays is one of the happiest times of the year. The following are some holiday travel tips to make the journey less stressful (hopefully):

1. Pack light – if possible take one small carry on and maybe an extra collapsible bag to bring home gifts you receive on the return trip.

2. Checking in and airport arrival time – Check your flights ahead of time, check in online, and allow plenty of time to arrive two hours ahead of your flight to get through security and get to your gate at least a half hour before departure. Aircraft doors can close 20 minutes before flight departure times.

3. Use your technical tools – use your smartphone to help you through the process by loading apps for your airline, airports, ground transportation, weather etc, before leaving home.  And be dsure to charge everything and bring your chargers.

4. Backup Plan – Know alternative airline connections just in case. You might be able to reroute yourself online if you know what the alternatives are or at least be able to suggest them to the ticket agent.

5. Gifts – Do not bring wrapped gifts. If you have to hand carry a gift, put it in a gift bag.

6. Snacks and Entertainment – Bring plenty of snacks, magazines, books, and other provisions for all family members to pass the time on the flight, in the airport and in case of delays.

7. Know the TSA rules – Here is a link to TSA Travel Tips:

Have a great holiday and a healthy and prosperous new year.

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